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North Yorkshire County Show 2017
North Yorkshire County Show (Northallerton) (Outdo - South Otterington
Hamster Shows


The Northern Hamster Club

Presents a Show under NHC Rules on Sunday 18th June 2017

at The North Yorkshire County Show, Camp Hill Estate, North Yorkshire, DL8 2LS


Doors Open: 9.30am

Stock To Be Benched By 10.15am

Judging Commences: 10.45am PROMPT

show closes: 4.30pm approx

Show Secretary:  Sheryl Lucas

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel: 07792 333202
Online –

All entries are non-transferable and cannot be refunded. Late entries will not be accepted unless by prior arrangement with the Show Secretary. Cheques should be made payable to the Northern Hamster Club.

All Re-homing and Welfare animals MUST be booked in Laura Lovatt – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or online at Re-homing and Donations will not be accepted without a pedigree certificate and correct accompanying paperwork.

Closing Date for Entries,

Re-Homing & Welfare:-

Saturday 10th June  – 9.00pm

Syrian Species Judge: Dave Workman


Syrian Straight Classes: 25p per entry
1. Golden m/f
2. Cream m/f
3. Yellow m/f
4. Cinnamon m/f
5. A.O.C. Male

6. A.O.C. Female
7. Patterned m/f
Other Syrian Classes: 25p per entry -

8.   Satin m/f
9.   Longhaired Cream m/f
10. Longhaired Patterned m/f
11. Longhaired A.O.C Male
12. Longhaired A.O.C. Female

13. Longhaired Satin m/f
14. Rex m/f

22. Non-Standard m/f

Syrian Duplicate Classes: 5p per entry
15. Junior (member under 16 years)

16. Young Adult (member 16 – 18 years)
17. Novice (member in 1st year of exhibiting)
18. Intermediate (member in 2nd year of exhibiting)
19. Young Stock (up to 16 weeks old)
20. Breeder (bred by exhibitor)
21. Grand Challenge (must be entered to receive Certificate of Merit)

Dwarf Species Judge:  Anita Workman


Dwarf Species Straight Classes: 25p per entry
D1.  Campbell Normal m/f
D2.   Campbell Argenté m/f

D3.   Campbell A.O.C. m/f

D4    Campbell Patterned m/f
D5.   Winter White Normal m/f

D6.   Winter White Sapphire m/f

D7.   Winter White Pearl m/f

D8.   Chinese Normal m/f

D9.   Chinese Patterned m/f (inc. Black-eyed White)

D10. Roborovski Normal m/f

D21. Non-Standard m/f

Other Species Duplicate Classes: 5p per entry
D11.  Junior (as above)

D12.  Young Adult (as above)
D13.  Novice (as above)
D14.  Intermediate (as above)
D15.  Young Stock (as above)
D16.  Breeder (as above)
D17.  Grand Challenge (as above)

Dwarf Other Classes: 25p per entry - D18. Non-Standard m/f

All the above classes MUST be exhibited in the approved show pens.

One piece of vegetable, and a small dog biscuit (supplied by Northern Hamster Club) MUST be placed in the show pen before benching.


Hire Pens: £1.00 per pen – subject to availability. Novice & Intermediate exhibitors will be given priority. Arrange with Show Secretary when booking entries.  Hire Pens must be returned clean to the Show Secretary at the end of the show.

Please bring your own shavings (shorthaired) and wood based cat litter (longhaired).


Trophies & Rosettes: Awarded as appropriate, cards for first 4 places, all classes.


TICKETS: Adult, Children & Senior Citizen - £8.00 (Club discount price). Children under 5 – Free.

Members with Blue vehicle passes should use Gate 2 (Blue). All passengers of the vehicle require either an exhibitor wristband or ticket.

Please supply address details when booking in entries to allow postage of tickets.


All Hamsters will be judged under NHC Rules and Standards. All details are subject to change without prior notice

Other details about the show can also be found on this site:-


Venue (Type):
North Yorkshire County Show (Northallerton) (Outdo   -   Website
Off A167
South Otterington
North Yorkshire


Click on the 'feet' icon at the top of this page to view the location on Google Map or click here for a street view on Google Map.


Otterington Hall is situated on the A167 road some ½ mile north of the village of South Otterington, and approx 3½ miles south of Northallerton. The postcode for the site is DL7 9HW. Please follow email link below for location map:-

Members entry is via Gate 2 – Please drop off exhibits and park in main car park. Thank You.


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